Yamada was a Nihon-Ja Lord who joined Arisaka's Army.


Yamada was the lord of one of the Senshi Clans, it is not known what clan he commanded. Only that he is loyal to Shigeru and the legitimate heir of Nihon-Ja's Throne.

The Emperor of Nihon-JaEdit

Arisaka deceived Yamada by saying that an impostor of Shigeru was in Ran-Koshi. Yamada, believed in Arisaka's lie and he and his army marched to Ran-Koshi to reinforce Arisaka's army. Arisaka was loosing the battle, Shigeru's forces were causing heavy casualties in his army. But Yamada arrived and was ready to destroy the "Impostor". But just as Yamada's clan arrived, The Hasanu's Army arrived, ready to destroy the traitor. Shigeru offered truce to Arisaka and Yamada, Arisaka revealed the truth to Yamada. Yamada, who was totally loyal to the legitimate ruler, told Arisaka that he would not let Arisaka usurp Shigeru's throne. Shigeru offered renunciation of the throne, but Arisaka did not accepted the offer. Matsuda Sato, an officer of Arisaka's army, noticed that his leader was an usurper and a traitor. He shouted "Shigeru!" and soon many of the Senshi, Kikori and Hasanus joined the shouting. Arisaka impaled the officer and attempted to kill Will with his Katana, but Will killed Arisaka by throwing his saxe knife in Arisaka's neck. Yamada most likely returned to his castle afer Arisaka's defeat, though remains unknown what happened to the Senshi Lord.