Xander is Orman's secretary. He first appears in The Sorcerer in the North, escorting Will into Orman's study. He then helps Orman to escape with Will from Castle Macindaw. He doesn't appear to be afraid of Trobar or Malcolm (whom he at first believes to Malkallam) and is extremely protective of Orman, refusing to leave his side for any extended period of time when the latter is under the influence of the poison.

He and Malcolm develop a somewhat quarrelsome relationship and take to arguing with one another. Malcolm finds him intensely annoying, as do Will and Horace. Xander takes a dislike to the Skandians, and is infuriated to be paying them what he considers to be an extravagant amount of money for their services. After one too many complaints, Will threatens him by saying that he'll take him back to Macindaw and hand him over to Sir Keren if he so much as says another word. Latter he is sent to retrieve a relieve force from Castle Norgate.