Wolfships are the Skandian ships, modeled after the Viking longships.


Wolfships are long open aired ships that are used by Skandians. The wolfships are named, however, the names are not painted on the sides. They have a usually horrific figurehead on the front of the ship, and very little else in the way of decoration. The names usually begin with Wolf, such as Wolfwill, Wolfwind, and Wolfcloud.
Viking longships

A fleet of viking longships, similar to the Skandian ships

They are very slim, very fast, and very efficient ships, with 16 oars, 8 to a side, and at least one mast, with square sails. Alternatively, they can be rigged with The Heron Sail Plan, with two triangular sails, one on each side of a backset mast, that allow blinding speed and the ability to sail against the wind.

They carry a full crew of 30 Skandians, including the skirl (or jarl) in command of the ship. They are raiding ships, and thus are designed for that purpose. Below the deck, the ship is separated into four independant, watertight compartments, which allows the ship to stay afloat if swamped. These compartments also act as storage areas for the loot that the Skandians "liberate" on their raiding trips, and can also be converted into temporary stables for horses.

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