The Wensley Forest is located outside the walls of Castle Redmont.


This forest is across the Tarbus River from the castle. Nestled on its outskirts is Wensley Village which cleared away part of the forest for farmland. At the edge of the forest and away from the village lays Halt's cottage. The forest is fairly large and has many animals including rabbits, stoats and wild boars. In the winter, snow covers the ground.


The Ruins of GorlanEdit

When Will becomes a Ranger's Apprentice, Halt often brought him out into the forest to train with him. Old Bob, who lives deep into the forest, supplied Will with his horse Tug. Later on, Will and Halt tracked a large wild boar to his den and a group of knights led by Baron Arald and Sir Rodney set out into the forest to kill it. However another boar attacked Horace and Will saves his life. This became the beginning of a strong friendship.