The wakizashi is the short sword of the Nihon-Jan Senshi warriors, and a side weapon. It is the companion sword to the katana.


The wakizashi is the Senshi short sword, used for cramped fighting spaces, concealment and disguise (when necessary), or used in the off hand as a second sword while the dominant hand holds the katana. The wakizashi is a short sword, probably about half a meter to two-thirds of a meter (at the very longest) in length. It is slightly curved, like the katana, and has the same point offest by the curve. Also, just like the katana, the wakizashi is made with Nihon-Jan steel, making it much harder than swords made in other countries. It has a tsuba crossguard and a lacquered wooden scabbard, and is worn at the left side next to the katana.


The washizashi can be a single edged or double egded weapon, and is perfect for use in enclosed spaces or for sneak attacks, as Shukin did in Riverside Village. Also, it can be used in a dual-sword combination, with the wakizashi in the off-hand and the katana in the dominant hand (this little-known technique is called Niten Ichi). This technique was also used by Shukin at Riverside village.