Uh,hi.I don't visit the wiki much but I had this idea,and I normally don't post them.Just a note,I did not like the death of Alyss,therefore I am pretending she did not die.If I had one wish it would be That this was canon.

Well,not THIS,since I'm not good at writing,but I mean her still being alive.I think you knew that...uh...ok,so this is it.I call it Stepping Stones,but that may change.

Note: One of the reasons Maddy was Will's apprentice was to cheer him up,and since Alyss is alive I sort of left her out.Hahaha....sorry?

Stepping Stones

By Gigglepaw


Will smiled.Alyss smiled.she passed him the bundle in her arms.“What will we call her?"she asked him.

“Anything you want."

“That's a strange name,"she teased him.If he had been smiling ear to ear before,he was smiling from east to west now.

She laughed and he joined it.“I'm serious,you can name her.Anything you choose will be perfect."Will said.

Alyss thought for a moment.“I think I know."

Chapter 1