Ursali, or the Land of the Ursali, is a nation mentioned by Halt in The Battle for Skandia. It is maybe based on Afghanistan, for this is also called after its inhabitants (land of the Afghani). 


Although not shown on Araluan maps, Ursali probably lies in the middle of the continent, west of the Eastern Steppes and Nihon-Ja and east of Aslava, Skandia and Alpina. It is also near a group of nations called the Middle Kingdoms.

There is a possibility it was near Indus, which was mentioned to be the easternmost country that the Silisian Council sends messages to.


Ursali was overrun by the Temujai during one of their first invasions. It was one of their first targets and Ursali was taken over very quickly, along with the Middle Kingdoms.