Umar (Umar ib'n Talud) is the Aseikh or leader of the Khoresh Bedullin people in Arrida.


Erak's RansomEdit

Umar is first introduced when he finds and rescues a dying Will in the middle of the desert. He then takes Will to a nearby oasis his tribe is using as a temporary home where Will is restored to his full health.

He is known for his love of gambling and his very large broken nose in the middle of his face.

His wife, Cielema, is the one who feeds and cares for Will when he is brought to the oasis by Umar. She also later saves Will's life from Umar who attempted to kill Will when he thought he'd almost shot Umar's grandson just to show off his marksmanship when in fact, Will had shot a sand cobra which was about to bite the boy.

Umar and Will become good friends and later Umar calls together and village council and all agree to help Will rescue his friends and the Wakir from Maashava.


Umar has a large nose which is somewhat crooked due to the fact he broke it sometime in his life. He has dark skin and a pair of dark eyes to match.