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Tug II is Will's second Ranger horse.

History Edit

After the original Tug was injured and was unable to recover from his injuries, Crowley and Old Bob gave Will the “new” Tug, who looks almost identical to the “old” Tug, with the only differences being those of age (gray hair, etc.). According to Old Bob, the two horses are relatives. Tug II also mentioned that he could've beaten Sandstorm when Will asked the question in his head, securing the bond between them.

Tug horse

Tug is identical to the original Tug.

Description Edit

Tug II is identical to Tug I, now called Bellerophon, in every way. However, while the Bellerophon had grey around the muzzle and was starting to get stiff-jointed, the new Tug is full of life and energy, being a young horse.

When Will mounts Tug, he forgets to say the password and Tug bucks him off. From the ground, Will breathlessly comments to Bellerophron that Tug bucks in exactly the same way he used to.

In the books Edit

The Lost Stories: The Wolf Edit

When Bellerophon is injured by a wolf Will was tracking, Will was introduced to Tug II. After much grief, Will takes the new Tug as his Ranger horse and eventually forms a bond with him, equal to the one with Bellerophon.

The Lost Stories: And About Time, Too... Edit

Tug II appears only briefly, acting as Will's "best horse" during his wedding ceremony.

The Royal Ranger Edit

Tug II played a larger role in the final installment of the series, The Royal Ranger. He found a new friend and companion in the form of Madelyn Altman, Will's apprentice. For a large portion of the book, Tug spent time in the woods outside villages in Trelleth Fief with Bumper, Maddie's horse, but when they encountered The Stealer in the Night (Jory Ruhl) Tug helped to get the kidnapped children from Trelleth to safety.