The Tualaghi were bandits that captured Gilan, Halt, Cassandra, Svengal, Selethen, and their escorts in Arrida.

Tualaghi raider on right.

Several of them were killed in skirmishes with the Araluens and Arridi. The Tualaghi, the Forgotten of God (another alias for them), worshiped the devil and other demons. They are merciless, bloody raiders who plague the Bedullin and Arridi peoples constantly. After a battle they will often hack the bodies of their fallen opponents. They wear blue veils across their faces and are despised by all cultures but themselves. To them you are either Tualaghi or not even eligible for being considered human.

Yusal is a notorious leader of the Tualaghi and he led a group of 200 Tualaghi warriors to capture Selethen and his Araluen allies, though eventually he failed and was put into an assumed coma by Cassandra, Princess of Araluen, using her sling. His brother Iqbal, one of the best Tualaghi warriors of his time, later sought revenge on Cassandra through assassination  in The Lost Stories, and even went as far as enlisting the help of The Scorpion Cult.

The Tualaghi rarely travel in groups of more than 10 raiders at a time. They will attack an unprotected town or caravan and before Arridi troops can arrive they will escape into the desert because the Arridi can't track them and the Tualaghi know the desert "like the back of their hand."

Known MembersEdit