Trelleth Fief is a coastal fief in eastern Araluen. Much of The Royal Ranger takes place in this fief when Will and Madelyn go to investigate the death of a fellow Ranger and find themselves hunting down a slave ring.


Trelleth Fief is home to the villages of Boyletown, Danver's Crossing, Esseldon, and Willow Vale. All of these villages were preyed upon by Jory Ruhl's second gang when he took on the identity of the Stealer in the Night and scared the children into secrecy with the Storyman.

Geography and Other InformationEdit

Trelleth Fief is on the eastern coast of Araluen, and is able to be preyed upon by foreign slavers, pirates and bandits, so a Skandian wolfship, under the orders of the Araluen King/Queen/High Regent, patrols the coast.

Trelleth Fief was home to the Ranger Liam, but he was killed while investigating Jory Ruhl's second slave gang. Will had known Liam when he graduated, and was sent with Maddie to go and investigate.