The Treaty of Hallasholm was forged between Araluen and Skandia soon after the Second Araluen Civil War and the Battle of Skandia.


This treaty was founded after the Battle of Skandia with Halt initially suggesting it and then expanding slightly on the idea and Cassandra agreeing to it on behalf of her father.


The treaty is updated on a regular basis so there are constant changes to it.

One of the main clauses states that a force of Araluan archers are to based in Skandia and on a regular basis, to be sent back to Araluen and replaced with another force of archers.

In turn the Skandians don't raid any villages on the coast of Araluen in a massed attack, but are still allowed to raid in small, individual groups. However, Erak, the new Oberjarl, greatly disapproves of the raiding of Araluan villages, ensuring it will almost never happen, though it isn't a part of the treaty.

Another, more recent, clause states that a wolfship should be stationed at the coast of Araluen every year at the disposal of the King and in return King Duncan pays the Skandians and grants favorable trading items to them.


This treaty was a pivotal moment in the history of the two countries, enabling them, for the first time to live in peace, as the two were traditionally enemies.

King Duncan sometimes receives complaints from the Gallican and Iberions as the Skandians continue to raid the coast of those two countries whilst leaving Araluen alone but King Duncan doesn't mind as long as nobody is hurt and points out that the two countries could always pay the Skandians not to raid, which is true.


  • Will Treaty got his last name from the Skandian treaty due to his role in its creation.