Tomas appears in the Lost Stories : Dinner for Five .


Tomas is one of the three men that robbed Ambrose Shining, the silversmith and local jeweler of Wensley Village in Redmont, the other two named Nuttal and Mound.

He sneaks around the back of the shop with Mound while Nuttal distracts Ambrose. As soon as the pair are in a good position, they grab the Silversmith from behind, promptly tying him up before raiding the shop and stealing away with the ill-gotten gains.

The trio then enters Jenny's house, unaware she is preparing dinner in her own home for her and Gilan, who is in town because of the invitation. Upon encountering her, they ransack her food after taking her "captive".

After a few minutes of this, Jenny manages to knock Mound unconscious with her rolling pin and then Tomas with a heft leg of lamb before hurling an assortment of knives at Nuttal, who quickly attempts to flee the house and collides with Gilan, who just happened to be walking up to the front door, in the process. Gilan reacts quickly, knocking the small man out cold.

It is unknown what happened to Tomas after this episode, but it is presumed that he was tried and then put in prison.