The throwing knife is considered a principal weapon used by all Rangers.It was designed to be able to throw at targets from different distances. The blade as an outward taper followed by a sharp inward taper to balance it. Will proves his skill to the Skandians when he is captured by Erak and other raiding Skandians by skewering a wooden keg next to Slagor in The Icebound Land, it was also used by Halt to take out one of the Kalkara's eyes. The throwing knife itself has a well balanced hilt for throwing at targets. It is carried in a double scabbard along with the Ranger Saxe knife. It is described that to be able to judge how to throw the knife one must know how many times the knife must spin before it reaches it's target so that it will stick the target blade first. Will has been known to throw the knife with the intention of hitting with the hilt first as to stun rather that injure or kill.