The Yard is a place introduced in The Icebound Land. It is an outdoor area where capable young males are sent to work as slaves. Being in Skandia, it is extremely cold, and most of the slaves do not have proper clothing. This leads to many of them to become delirious and submissive to the abuse and back-breaking labor. Two of the jobs mentioned are bringing deliveries to the Great Hall and working on the Paddles.

Working the Paddles is the worst job a Yard slave can get. For 4 hours, two slaves push large paddles through ice to try and break it up, all the while getting whipped. But due to Skandia's freezing temperature, the crushed ice quickly refreezes, creating more work for the slaves.

In Book 3, Will is assigned to the Yard because he is deemed muscular and fit, though small in stature. Here, he faces whippings, bitter cold, unending labor, and eventually drugs. Warmweed is a drug used by the slaves in The Yard to manipulate the other slaves into submission. Erak has a great dislike for the drug, and remarks that he is surprised that Ragnak does not make it illegal.