An image of how the Wolfwind looked

Wolfwind is a Skandian Wolfship. These are long thin vessels not dissimilar to Viking longboats, which the Skandians use to travel across the seas and launch raids from. They carry a crew of thirty and can accommodate large amounts of booty and a few passengers. They are also very fast.

Wolfwind was originally the ship of Jarl Erak before he became the Skandian Oberjarl. It was used in Morgarath's invasion in the Burning Bridge to transport Erak and his crew to the war and when Will and Evanlyn were captured they were taken back to Skandia on it. The ship was given to Svengal, Erak's first mate, after he became Oberjarl and was used in Erak's Ransom to transport the three rangers, Horace, and Evanlyn to Arrida to try to secure Erak's freedom.


The Wolfwind is a traditional wolfship with a square-rigged mast, a grotesque figurehead, and a long, slim build. She pulls 10 oars a side.