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Warning! This page contains spoilers for the Lost Stories.

The Wolf is a character and antagonist from Ranger's Apprentice: The Lost Stories.

He appears in the short story: The Wolf.


The Wolf's foot is injured one day in a trap and he has to strike off on his own, becoming a scavenger around and in farms due to the fact he can no longer hunt as he used too.

One day he tries to take a young baby from a farm. The baby's mother sees the Wolf off but, realizing what a threat it poses, she and her husband call in a Ranger.

Will arrives on the farm with Tug and together they track down the Wolf. What Will does not realize is that the tracks he is following are several days old the and Wolf is nearby and watching them.

The Wolf makes a leap for Tug because he thinks that the horse poses the biggest threat to him and to get to Will, first he must kill the horse. The Wolf inflicts a vicious wound on Tug's leg, but before he can do any more damage, Will pulls out his longbow and shoots the animal.

The Wolf, however, left Tug unable to continue being a full Ranger horse, so Tug has to retire. Will is then given a new "Tug" and Will's original Tug gets the new name Bellerphon.