The Stingray Ensign

The Stingray is a Magyaran pirate ship which is recruited by Zavac. It's captain was killed in the battle during the Invaders and Rikard formerly the first mate aboard the ship, takes over and captains it. When Zavac raids Limmat for the Limmatain Emeralds in a secret mine described by an unlucky trader when Zavac robs it. Zavac and his pirates occupy the city of Limmat, and Hal and the Herons siege it with the Mangler. The town is destroyed, and the captain of the Stingray panics, and goes to Zavac, who lies to him, telling him that he'll send in twenty archers, but they desert him, and the captain is killed. Zavac also burnt the Stingray so they were stuck at Limmat.


It is a dark green ship.