The Land Sailer is a vehicle created by Hal. The crew was having trouble finding a way to get to Scorpion Mountain. Hal found several resources he could use to build the Land Sailer (bamboo, chariot wheels, canvas sail). The Herons, along with Gilan were camped in Ephesa; an abandoned town made of much marble and stone.

Hal's CreationEdit

The Land Sailer is basically the world's first car. It is a small craft in a triangular shape with three wheels; two in the back one in the front. The front wheel serves as a steering wheel. Two ropes are connected to an axel that allows the driver to pull on one rope and steer. The second man adjusts the sail. Hal created the sail out of the canvas tent on board the Heron. The sail can be adjusted to face the wind. It is moved by the second man who pulls a second rope to move it. The wind is powerful enough to move the light vehicle at the speed of a galloping horse. There is room for three people on board: the driver, sail man, and a passenger.

Who goes?Edit

Hal has trouble choosing who will go on the adventure with him to Scorpion Mountain. Sadly, Hal was only able to build one landsailer, so only three could go. Hal eventually chooses: 1. Himself 2. Stig 3. Gilan. Hal needed Stig to fight and Gilan for navigation. The others are needed to stay and guard the Heron.