Halt O'Carrick Spoiler Alert!

Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Lost Stories.

The Inkwell and the Dagger is a tale featured in The Lost Stories.


It takes place in Araluen during the events of The Icebound Land and tells how Gilan came to track down Foldar, after Halt is exiled for a year because he wants to find Will who was taken captive after The Burning Bridge by Skandians.


The Inkwell and the Dagger starts with Halt leaving for Gallica after being banished from Araluen and expelled from the Ranger Corps for the period of one year. Halt tells Gilan to hunt for Foldar, and ally of Morgarath and ex-lord. Gilan says that he will and Crowley is pleased with this as it means he will have more time to devote to other affairs if Gilan takes on the mission to find Foldar.

Gilan's search leads him to Highcliff Fief, a small fief which is located in the coast. He is immediately slightly suspicious of Philip the sentinal, who acts very nervous and wary around the young Ranger as if he has something to hide.