Jenny's Restaurant is located in the village of Wensley in Redmont Fief.  The restaurant is named The Heaped Platter.

Jenny Dalby opened it up soon after she finished her apprenticeship under Chubb at Castle Redmont.  It becomes famous for it's wonderful food and receives a great many guests.  The restaurant is the reason Jenny won't marry Gilan, as doing so would require her to leave.

The local tavern/inn in Wensley Village receives a lot of competition from the restaurant and is only able to top it in quality of coffee. It has been hinted that Jenny has tried to find out where they get their quality coffee, but they wont tell.


  • Jenny Dalby - head chef
  • Ailsa - assistant chef
  • Rafe - head waiter
  • Norman - scullery assistant
  • Hilde - regular staff