The Claw was a merchant and smuggler-ship from Hibernia. It was captained by Black O'Malley.


The Claw was made to be very fast with a square mainsail and six oars on each side. It also had a reinforced prow (the front of the ship), which allowed it to ram other ships and sink them without harming The Claw.


Halt's Peril

In Halt's Peril, Black O'Malley used The Claw to transport Tennyson and his followers to Picta. On it's journey back to the Hibernian harbour Port Cael it came across the trading ship The Sparrow, which transported Halt and Will who were chasing The Outsiders. Black O'Malley tried to ram The Sparrow but got shot by Halt or Will, causing him to lose control over the ship and crashing on the Palisade Reef. It sank shortly after.