The Andomal is a prized Skandian artifact, that is highly valued by people from Skandia and appears in The Brotherband Chronicles. The Andomal is the highest valued item in Skandian history, and has been for the last several hundred years. This "yellow glass ball," in reference to the second installment following The Outcasts, is treasured so much by the people of Skandia that there is a night and day watch over the ball of amber. The only day on which the security is lessened is the night that the winning Brotherband is declared. That night the Brotherband is given the honor of having the privilege to guard the Andomal, which is what really kicks off this "saga." In The Outcasts, Zavac attempts to steal it so he can sell it back for lots of gold.

It appears to be an amber sphere, about twenty five centimeters in diameter with something that looks like a wizened claw of some kind of large lizard inside it. A popular legend says that it was a dragon's foot.

The Andomal appears in three of the books books in The Brotherband Chronicles: The Outcasts, The Invaders and The Hunters, because it was stolen by Zavac.