Sunrise warrior

The Sunrise Warrior insignia

The Sunrise Warrior
is the subject of an old Hibernian legend.


An old Hibernian legend states that a master swordsman, the Sunrise Warrior, shall come from the East when the 6 Kingdoms of Hibernia are in peril to restore order to Hibernia. Most Hibernian people know of the legend.


The Kings of ClonmelEdit

In Book 8, Halt, Horace and Will use the legend of the Sunrise Warrior to undermine Tennyson and The Outsiders. They dress Horace up and paint a Sunrise Emblem on his shield, and at the battle of Craikennis they defeat a band of outlaws, speading the word of the Sunrise Warrior. Word even spreads to Tennyson, who gets very angry but can do nothing. Eventually, Horace tries to defeat two of Tennyson's soldiers in mortal combat, to prove that Alseiass is fake and that the Sunrise Warrior can bring order to Hibernia.