A map of Sonderland.

Sonderland is an island west of Skandia. Not much is known about it. It may be based off either Iceland or Greenland.

In The Tournament at Gorlan, Crowley mentions that people from Sonderland used to raid Araluen.

We don't know anything about it's relations with neighboring Skandia, but as there are trade fleets which sail from Hallasholm to Sonderland we can assume they are trade partners or even allies (as Iceland and Greenland were Viking colonies, Sonderland could also be a colony of Skandia). 


Sønder, from both Danish and Norweigian, means "torn" or "broken", with land meaning country.

Sønderland is a remote area in Greenland, just west of Bjornesk, and home to many islands. Thus, sønderland, or "torn country" can easily refer to the archipelago. 


Sonderland lies across a strait from Skandia. The strait is filled with countless small islands. Sonderland also forms a strait with Gallica and borders the Stormwhite and Narrow Seas