Soccoro is a major city on the north-western coast of Arrida.  Soccoro is known as the slave trading capital of the world, as it has a large slave market.  Soccoro also has a gold market.  


Soccoro, like many Arridi cities has a strong culture, rooted in Arrida's polytheistic religon.  There are many traditional laws.  For example, women are not allowed in the gold market, and the consumption of alcohol is forbidden.  There are daily prayers that are chanted from the tops of prayer towers at certain days and times.  Soccoro, like most Arridi cities worships three gods: Hahmet, the god of war, Jahmet, the god of love and Kaif, the god of almost everything else.

The CityEdit

Soccoro is a coastal city, guarded by a series of catapults and trebuchets.  The town center, known as the khadif is at the center of the town. There are also well-guarded gold and slave markets. The gold markets are known as The Souk. The Souk doesn't allow women because they are said to haggle too much and cause problems. Most buildings are made of clay, to keep cool during the hot summer months. Soccoro is ruled by a wakir.  

The BooksEdit

Soccoro is prominently featured in Slaves of Soccoro, when Tursgud kidnaps Araluen citizens and tries to sell them as slaves in Soccoro.  Fortunately, Hal and the Herons lead a jailbreak while Gilan and Lydia create a distraction, by starting a fire in the gold market. The Heron manages to slip past the catapults, and takes the slaves back to Araluen.

It is also briefly mentioned in The Royal Ranger when Will is explaining to Maddie that the Stealer of the Night, or Jory Ruhl, is planning to sell the children he kidnapped are going to be sold at Soccoro