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Skorghijl is the island on which Cassandra (then known as Evanlyn) and Will stop on their way to Skandia as captives. They were held captive as slaves by Erak's crew while on their way to and on Skorghijl. This is mentioned and takes place in The Icebound Land.

Skorghijl is owned by the Skandians, and is set up for them as a village, with huts for all the crews to sleep in.

Geography Edit

It is roughly halfway between Skandia and Gallica and Teutlandt, in the middle of the Stormwhite Sea.

Most of the island is wet and frozen, including the high cliffs. It is known that to be a bleak and barren island of black rock, with hardly any vegetation.

Advantages Edit

Skandians, on their way back from raiding season, will often stop at Skorghijl, along with fellow skirls. It is used as a home while the Skandians wait for the winter to end, as the Stormwhite Sea is too rough to travel on in winter. To do so would be near suicide.

Trivia Edit

  • Skorghijl is possibly based on Gotland or Bornholm, two islands in the Baltic Sea that where often visited by sailors who had to repair their boats or wanted to stop for the winter. 
  • As trees don't grow on Skorghijl, the Skandians probably made their huts of driftwood.