Sir Morton is a knight in Redmont Fief .


He appears in the Ruins of Gorlan and is an assisstant drill instructor at the Battleschool in Redmont.  

Morton, along with five senior cadets is keeping an eye on the first-year apprentices who are practicing a drill, among them was Horace .  Horace kept on adding an extra, unintentional, stroke to the sword drill and Morton notices this, thinking that Horace is deviating from the drill he sends a senior cadet named Paul to have a word with Horace.  

Sir Rodney, who had been watching, intervenes and asks Horace to go through the sword drill again, he performs it flawlessly. Hoever, after Sir Rodney calls further drills, Horace adds the extra unintentional stroke.  Morton, Karel and Rodney all notice this but Paul doesn't.

Morton doesn't appear in the books after that.