Sir Montague appears in The Burning Bridge.

He is a "fop" from several characters' point of view; he takes great measures to ensure that his physical appearance is noticed and awed by others. To fit this description, he wears a gold satin shirt and a powdered wig.

He is the lord of Cobram Keep, a tiny castle on the borders of Redmont Fief, yet refuses to ally to the fief. Alyss, escorted by Halt, is sent there on her first diplomatic mission in an attempt to convince Montague to supply Castle Redmont with soldiers in the upcoming war against Morgarath.

They are off to a rocky start when Montague says that Alyss "slammed her credentials on the desk too hard." Sir Montague cannot see their point of view, and also needs to be constantly reminded by Halt that he should not call Alyss 'sweetheart'. On top of that, he calls Baron Arald fat and describes Lady Pauline as a"sour-faced shrew who should have gotten married and raised a brood of squalling babies years ago; surely there would have been a half-blind and deaf man who would have taken her", which Halt and Alyss cannot stand.

Alyss gets no better treatment as she is told to "leave that sour-faced Lady Pauline, get a husband and learn to cook, because that's all you're good for". He then destroys Alyss' credentials, a crime punishable by jail time, and this proves to be his final insult: Halt seizes him by the collar and throws him into the moat of his keep.

In the end he does sign an acceptance of alliance to Castle Redmont and is never heard from again.

Note that this part does not occur in some editions of The Burning Bridge.