Shukin was the cousin of Shigeru, and his chief military adviser during the events of The Emperor of Nihon-Ja.He is an extremely talented swordsman and was probably the most skilled of Shigeru's senshi.


Like Shigeru, Shukin was a member of the Motodato Senshi clan.  He becomes good friends with Horace, the two warriors having much in common.

When the group goes on the run, heading for Ran-Koshi, Shukin takes the responsability of leading the group and Horace becomes one of the leaders, taking some of the burden of the senshi's shoulders.

Shukin was killed by Arisaka in a duel at an unnamed river while covering the emperor's retreat, but not before he killed multiple numbers of Arisaka's soldiers.

He had a double of Horace's sword created out of the stronger metal that was used in Nihon-Ja, Nihon-Jan Steel, so when Horace lost his sword in the gorge, it was replaced with the copy.


Shukin was an excellent tactician, and one of the most respected of the emperor's advisors. Horace also held a deep respect for Shukin, and was saddened by his death. Horace's sadness paled in comparison to the emperor's, who felt himself responsible for his cousin's death.

Shukin was a kindhearted person, who cared deeply for Shigeru and the Senshi under his command. He also formed a close bond with Horace, probably due to the outstanding similarities between the two warriors. He was an exemplary swordsman and a good person.



He and Shigeru are known to be close, in blood and friendship.  Shukin is both the emperor's protector, advisor and friend.  Shigeru is devestated at the death of his cousin who gives up his life to help cover Shigeru and his army's retreat.


Horace and Shukin are both good friends, sharing common interests and being much alike one another: warriors. Horace was deeply saddened by the death of his friend.