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Warning! This page contains spoilers for the Lost Stories.

Serafino was a Genovesan Assassin, the colleague of Mordini and one of the would-be murderers of Cassandra in the short story The Bridal Dance of The Lost Stories.


Serafino was hired along with his counterpart Mordini to assassinate Cassandra.  They were hired by Iqbal , the brother of Yusal who wanted revenge on Cassandra as she reduced Yusal to a drooling idiot in Erak's Ransom after hitting the man with a stone from her sling.

Serafino and Mordini travel through Araluen under the guise of Toscanan wool-traders before sneaking into Redmont Castle where they planned to assassinate Cassandra during her bridal dance with Horace.

They fail thanks to the intervention of Will and Nils who arrive on the scene and incapacitate them just before they are about to kill Cassandra.


Little is known about Serafino. He was proficient with a crossbow and used beeswax to protect and strengths the string of his bows which allowed Will,knowing what the smell and use of beeswax was, to track him down and stop with Nils ropehander.