The Second Araluen Civil War took place fifteen years after the First Araluen Civil War and was Morgarath's second and final bid to seize the crown of Araluen from King Duncan.


Since his defeat in the first civil war, Morgarath had been exiled in the Mountains of Rain and Night where he had been training his army of Wargals to help him conquer Araluen. He had also recruited two Kalkara, fearsome, nearly invincible beasts which he used as assassins to kill high-ranking Araluan officials and generals who would give Duncan an edge in the upcoming second war. Both were slain in The Ruins of Gorlan at the former Gorlan Fief by Halt, Will, Sir Rodney and Baron Arald, though the latter two suffered injuries attempting to fight it in close combat.

Invasion of CelticaEdit

By The Burning Bridge, the Araluen Army had assembled on the Plain of Uthal in preparation for Wargal forces to emerge from Three Step Pass, the only practical way out of the mountains. Meanwhile, Gilan, Horace and Will were sent to Celtica to ensure the Celtic army would assist Araluen in the war. Along the way, they find towns completely abandoned, and are soon stumble across a lone girl, Evanlyn, who informs them that Morgarath staged an attack on the Celtic capital, killing the Celtic royalty. Gilan returns to King Duncan with this news, and the remaining three discover that Morgarath's Wargals had been kidnapping miners to dig out a tunnel in the Mountains of Rain and Night and construct a bridge across, allowing large troop movements into Celtica. The Wargal army plans to flank the Araluan army at the Plain of Uthal, in addition to an attack by Skandian mercenaries from the Fens to the east of the plain.

Battle on the Plain of UthalEdit

The three plan to burn the bridge, but as they do so, Evanlyn and Will are trapped on the mountain side of the bridge, where they are captured. Horace rides to the Plain of Uthal where he informs the King of all they have learned, and Halt leads a section of the army to repel the Skandians. They disguise themselves as Skandians on the way back, hoping to goad the Wargals into advancing. The ruse of successful, and the Araluan army deploys a full cavalry attack into the Wargal center, breaking the line and forcing them into a frenzied retreat toward Three Step Pass. Morgarath turns the army around at the mouth of the Pass, hoping to kill as many Araluan soldiers as he can before he inevitably falls, and King Duncan himself. Horace, however, challenges Morgarath to single combat, and against all odds defeats the former baron, killing him and ending the war. The Wargals flee into the pass, the spell Morgarath held over them broken. The remaining Skandians in the mountains, including Erak, flee, taking Will and Evanlyn with them.