The Scotti are wild tribes who rule the southern provinces of Picta, which is just north of Araluen. They are fierce fighters and implacable enemies. With their tartan cloaks, plaid kilts, and their huge broadswords, its not to hard to see that the Scotti are fearsome warriors and are not faced lightly by the Araluens or any of the other races. They continue to fight even when in great pain. They are 'used to sleeping outdoors' (The Siege of Macindaw) and coat themeselves in grease/oil as protection from the cold. The only defense that Araluen has against them is Castle Macindaw, slightly southwest of Picta.


a painting of a Scotti warrior


The Scotti tribes seem to be ancient, founded long before Araluen was a kingdom. They also at one point controlled large portions of modern Araluen, until they were pushed back into Picta by King Herbert, over 150 years ago. Despite occasional friendly relations, the people seem to be intent on reconquering their empire.

Politics and MilitaryEdit

The Scotti seemed to be a Tribal Kingdom, with separate clans unified under a single kingdom. Though there are sure to be more, the currently known clans are:


The Scotti's Military is confusing but apparently very effective. Presumably, each clan has its own military leaders and soldiers, who are pooled together to create the entire army, with appointed Generals from varying clans. They also seem to wear blue facepaint.


General: The Scotti divide generals into two classes the lower second class generals can be identified by the blue painted strips down the left side of their faces

Soldiers: Only have blue paint forming a mask around their eyes.

Weapons: Broadswords, dirks, swords (claymores), clubs, hand shields, etc.


Scotti Beliefs: Belief in Serthreck'nish, a demon-god who is kept at bay by a ring of ash. He is known as "The shredder of bodies and renderer of limbs... the red-fanged destroyer of men." (Malcolm, The Siege of Macindaw, pg 148)


Scotti is most likely based on dark age Scotland, which was historically inhabited by the Picts.