Sandstorm is a horse that appears in Erak's Ransom. He is a Bedullin horse that belongs to Umar, and is known as the fastest horse in the Bedullin tribe.

Description Edit

Sandstorm is described as a palomino, meaning he has a gold coat and a white mane and tail. He's extremely competitive, and full of energy. Will notes that he'll be faster over a short distance than Tug. During the race, Will angrily notes that Sandstorm has a powerful stride and perfect rhythm.

Erak's Ransom Edit

When Will loses Tug in the sandstorm, the Ranger horse is found by another Bedullin named Hassan. After leaving the group from Araluen and Arrida, Will becomes lost and eventually passes out from dehydration before being found by the nomads.

There, he discovers Tug, whom Hassan has renamed Last Light Of The Day. Although Hassan initially refuses to return him, he agrees on the condition that Will beat him in a race. Hassan was having trouble riding Tug, and if Will loses the race, he would have to help Hassan ride Tug. If not, Will would get Tug back.

The two race, Will on Tug and Hassan on Sandstorm. Tug wins, beating Sandstorm by faking to falter and then speeding ahead. Hassan accepts the loss easily, and Umar rewards Hassan by giving him a blood relative of his horse, while Will gets Tug back.