Salt Peter is a minor character who appears in The Ruins of Gorlan. He is trailing one of the boars which have wreaked havoc on the village he lives in and bumps into Halt and Will who, coincidently, are also tracking the animal. He is old and slow and Halt gets short-tempered with him due to the fact that Peter refuses to believe he is the "legendary Halt" who helped to fight off the wargals.

Halt sends Salt Peter to Redmont Fief to fetch Baron Arald and tell him that the Rangers have found a boar's lair. The baron, and several knights, arrive at the scene and the boar hunt ensues.

Salt Peter is called so on account of his liking of "a little salt with his meat".

It is thought he could be a spy from Morgarath sent to get a sketch of Halt's size and face for the Kalkara so they know who to hunt.