Rupert Gubblestone appears in The Icebound Land.


The Icebound LandEdit

Rupert was a small-time bandit who impersonated Foldar, Morgarath's second-in-command who escaped the battle. Foldar had hired a number of petty criminals to impersonate him following the battle, knowing full well that Rangers would be sent after him.

Rupert was another bandit that Halt tracked down, having to make sure he wasn't the real Foldar. Rupert and ten other bandits were robbing a carriage which held a wealthy merchant and his wife.

Halt had been hiding in the nearby shadow of an oak watching and sent an arrow and pinned him against the carriage, it appeared to the bandits that Halt had just stepped out of the oak which added to the air of mystery surrounding the Ranger. He then he ordered a young bandit to tie the rest of the group up. Gubblestone was most likely arrested along with the others for trying to rob a merchant.