The Royal Scouts are part of the Araluen Army. They're an elite force of light cavalry, tasked with the responsibility of training the kingdom's archers and scouting ahead of the King's army in battle. Members generally came from the rank of the nobility. 

History Edit

Although little is known about the Royal Scouts, it can be assumed that it was established sometime around the Unification of Araluen, as this would be the 'birth' of Araluen. They may even have been developed during the war by King Herbert, as a force specializing in scouting and communications would be extremely useful. Based on historical cavalry, they would likely be responsible for raiding, skirmishing, and communications in addition to reconnaissance and screening.

Will was offered the chance join their ranks at the end of Oakleaf Bearers, but he refused the offer, preferring to remain a Ranger.

Lifestyle Edit

Scouts are implied to live in Castle Araluen, and as such, there is a great deal formality involved in the lifestyle of a scout. Since many of the members come from nobility, they are likely used to this lifestyle. Additionally, scouthood is equivalent to a knighthood, meaning it is a low form of nobility.

Equipment Edit

Being light cavalry, the Royal Scouts were likely equipped with spears, swords, and bows, much like their historical counterparts. They would also be lightly armored to help aid in movement and speed. 

Unlike the Rangers, they would likely ride standard warhorses, perhaps even having specialized breeds bred to be fast.

Skills Edit

  • Archery - Scouts are responsible for training the kingdom's archers, meaning it's members must be accomplished archers.
  • Stealth - Being chiefly responsible for scouting ahead of the kingdom's armies, stealth would likely be one of the most important skills for a scout. 
  • Sword-fighting - Assuming they're similar to historical counterparts, scouts would likely engage in occasional combat. Swords can do a great deal of damage against unmounted enemies. Even if only held out while the horse charges, the sword would badly injure those hit by it. They are likely trained to fight in the event that their horse is injured or otherwise unavailable.
  • Horse riding - all scouts would be expected to be able to ride a horse, being cavalry.