Rosalind Serenne was married to King Duncan. She became Queen of Araluen and later gave birth to Cassandra.


Queen Rosalind was described as being beautiful, young, and warmhearted. She was loved by the people. Rosalind had long black hair and dark brown eyes that always seemed to hold a hint of mischief or humor. Her face was a perfect oval, with high cheekbones and a full-lipped mouth. When compared to Duncan, she appeared tiny--slim and graceful.

In The BooksEdit

The Early Years: Battle of Hackham Heath Edit

Duncan and Rosalind are mentioned to have had a quiet marriage, due to King Oswald’s failing health. A few months later, during the spring, Duncan held a celebration, during which he announced that Rosalind was pregnant.

Several months later, Duncan revealed to Crowley, Halt, and Pauline that the pregnancy was taking a heavy toll on Rosalind. This is reaffirmed when he summons Crowley to his chambers and tells him her condition is worsening. He asks him to take her to a health spa named Woldon Abbey, on the advice of his head physician, Geoffrey. Crowley agrees to the plan. When the carriage is prepared for the journey, a party helped her into it, accompanied by the King. Rosalind was being carried by four servants on a thickly cushioned litter, with blankets and furs protecting her from the chill. She was very pale, with a waxen complexion and dark shadows under her eyes.

Once they arrive at the abbey, she is seen to have better color and bright eyes. She moves to rise and walk into the Abbey, but is stopped by Margrit, who insists they assess her condition before she walks. Margrit notes that her pulse is weak, and her temperature is a little high. Rosalind seems happy at the prospect of staying at the abbey.

Once Morgarath’s troops break out of Three Step Pass, Duncan’s army has declined dramatically due to the harvest. They are forced to move the troops further northeast. Duncan feels as though he’s abandoning her, but concedes that they cannot move her in her condition and she is unlikely to be targeted anyways. Unbeknownst to them, however, her location is revealed to Morgarath by a brigand named Luke Follows.

When Crowley returns to help her escape, Rosalind has gone into labor early. Margrit notes that if she survives the birth, she wouldn’t be able to travel. Rosalind successfully gives birth to Cassandra, but when Crowley sees her, he realizes that she is dying. Aware of this, Rosalind has Crowley promise to keep her daughter safe. They laid her to rest in a small cemetery outside the abbey. Keeping his promise, Crowley rides with Cassandra to Castle Araluen.


King DuncanEdit

Duncan is shown to care deeply for his wife. When he says that the pregnancy was greatly weakening her, he notes that he is very concerned for her, and has to make a visible effort to dismiss the matter. He later summons Crowley to discuss her health and is visibly distressed. When she leaves to travel to the spa, he walks with her to the carriage, holding her hands and talking softly. Crowley has to reassure him that he will guard her with his life. He watches them depart, and Crowley notes that he would be there long after the cavalcade vanished into the shadow of the trees. Duncan was devastated when he heard the news of her death.

Queen DeborahEdit

Queen Deborah was shown to approve of Rosalind. She thought her to be a beautiful and good-hearted woman, who would make a fine consort for Duncan.


Rosalind was shown to be fond of Crowley. Knowing of his role in helping foil Morgarath’s plans, she was pleased to know he would be escorting her to the abbey. During the trip, she would frequently tell him to be careful, as Duncan needed him and she didn’t want him to be injured. Though it wasn’t shown, the two were said to have become friends during the journey. When she is on her deathbed, she asks to see Crowley, and then makes him promise to take care of Cassandra.