Robard appears in  The Bridal Dance.


Robard was an assistant steward under Desmond, the head steward, but is demoted after treating a number of junior staff badly. The plan was to reinstate him after a few weeks, only he didn't know this and therefore set up a series of "accidents" to take place in retaliation to his demotion. 

Will finds him and interrogates him in a manner which causes him to accidently confess that he was behind the accidents. Before Will can continue the interrogation the next day, however, Robard is found dead in his room, having been killed by poison. It was later discovered that he was murdered. He supplied information to two Genovesan Assassins, Serafino and Mordini, which could have lead to the death of Cassandra. Whether Robard was aware of this plot is unknown. Those two same Genovesans presumably poisoned Robard.


Robard has a high level of self-confidence which borders on arrogance. He is slightly overweight, though more on the stocky side, and under average height.