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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Lost Stories.

The Roamers are a big

Ebony, Will's dog, which the Roamers stole

group of gypsie-like people who originate from the lands south of the Eastern Steppes, west of Nihon-Ja and east of Ursali. They earn their money by hosting dog-fights, making music and stealing and travel around in caravans. They are probably based on the Roma and Sinti-people. Known Roamers are:


They have an olive-coloured skin, dark hair, and live in extended family groups in horse drawn caravans. Their younger women are said to be remarkably beautiful, and their men are said to be argumentative and hotheaded.


  • Thievery: some of the Roamers are great at pickpocketing and stealing.
  • Smuggling: because the Roamers travel around, they can easily transport goods to other towns and cities. 
  • Covering their tracks: Halt says they are almost as good at this as the Rangers


The Lost Stories: The Roamers

In The Roamers, a group of Roamers kidnappes Will's dog Ebony to host her in a dog-fight. Will is able to save her with the help of his friend Alyss.