Rikard is the former first mate on the pirate ship the Stingray, serving under Alexander Nagy. After the captain of the ship was killed in the battle in the Invaders, he takes command of the ship and its crew. However, his command of the ship was quite short because it was sabotaged by Zavac, who got greedy and wanted all the emeralds for himself.


Not much is known about him, except that he was a pirate even before Zavac

The InvadersEdit

When he tries to run for The Stingray, he gets knocked out by a blow from Svengal's axe. He get put in the Limmatian prison where Thorn breaks him out so he could tell The Herons where Zavac was heading.

The HuntersEdit

Rikard manages to escape from the Herons but is soon hunted back down and captured again by Thorn and Lydia.

He is later killed by Vargas in a back alley in Krall after betraying Zavac to the Herons in a matter of information for freedom. However, even in death, Rikard still causes trouble for Hal and his crew, making them twice detained, once in Krall, and once in Bayrath for his murder throughout the book.


Rikard is presumed to have the typical leathery skin of his occupation, sailing as much as they do.