Will's bronze oakleaf

The bronze oakleaf, the symbol of an appretice Ranger.

The term Ranger apprentice refers to the student of a graduated Ranger . Apprentice Rangers are rare to find as not every Ranger is ready or willing to take an apprentice, and only one apprentice can be trained at a time by each Ranger. This is in contrast to the Battleschool which can take on several dozen apprentice warriors at one time, as they have multiple knights and senior apprentices to watch over and teach the younger trainees in addition to the Battlemaster of the fief.


Ranger apprentices are also rare as not anyone can be a Ranger. They must have the traits and potential above the rest of their peers, and are not chosen as conventionally as other professions, which are mostly picked by family lineage. Ranger apprentices are usually picked specifically by the Ranger assigned to that fief for their traits which, amongst other things, include agility, any sort of stealthiness or stalking ability, natural curiosity, intelligence and the ability to think creatively.

Life as an ApprenticeEdit

Apprentice Rangers are expected to learn many skills while they are learning from their master. Apprentices learn how to cook, clean and otherwise care for the cabin that they live in, as well as learn mathematics, history, geography and other "classroom" skills. The most iconic lessons an Apprentice must learn are the "field skills"; skill with a longbow , using the saxe and throwing knives, silent moving, hand-to-hand combat, persuasion, horse-back riding, camping, climbing, running, stalking, Couriers Code, and other skills. Ranger's Apprentices are expected to be fit and strong, but also wiry, agile and fast, giving them the ability to accomplish the feats a Ranger must. Ranger apprentices usually study for a five year period before graduating to become fully-fledged Rangers.