Raguza is a pirate port and shelter along the Dan River. It is independent and ruled by the Korpal, the central ruling council. 

It is clearly based on the real-life city of Ragusa, which used to be an independent republic on the coasts of the Adriatic Sea. 


Raguza is the virtually impregnable pirate haven that is located along the Dan River. It is actually a pleasant city with nice, comfortable inns, attractive and clean streets and eating houses featuring cuisine from 6 different nations.


  • When a ship is going to dock in the city or seeks protection there, its owners have to pay 10% of the carriage (sometimes just trade cargo but mostly loot from plunders) to the Korpal. 
  • Absolutely no fighting is allowed in Raguza because the Korpaljo thought that when people would fight, the pirate haven would descend into chaos and it would lose its power.
  • Interestingly, the Korpal has no power, it simply passes down orders from the Korpaljo. However, Korpal members have a LOT of influence in Raguza. Also, you need to first be a member of the Korpal in order to become Korpaljo.