Ragnak is the former Oberjarl (the Skandian equivalent of a king), or leader of Skandia, being the leader right before Erak Starfollower took over the position. Ragnak is a fierce warrior, as all Skandians are, and he died in the moments preceding the victory of Skandia. He died in battle as a berserker, which is a fate all Skandians would love because it gives them instant access to the highest part of their version of Heaven. He was accompanied by a retinue/bodyguard of axemen. Like Borsa, he enjoyed doing taxes and killing anyone who refused to give taxes. His son died in the Battle of Thorntree. Because of this he took a Vallasvow against the royal lines of Araluen, endangering Evanlyn even more so during her time in Skandia. However, because he died a berserker (battle-rager), he was granted imediate access to Skandian Heaven and the Vallasvow was lifted, despite being incomplete.


  • In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is doomsday where almost everyone dies
  • Also, a notable Viking leader was named Ragnar.