Pritchard was an exiled member of the Araluen Ranger Corps and the mentor of both Crowley and Halt.


He trained Crowley for the usual five years before he was banished from Araluen by the corrupt lords. He fled to Hibernia, where he met Halt near Dun Kilty.

Pritchard trained him to be a Ranger; providing him with equipment nearly identical to that of an Araluan Ranger's. Halt received a green cloak, and a high quality saxe knife and throwing knife, which were sheathed close together at his left side, although not in a double scabbard. He also provided Halt with a longbow, a fletching jig, arrows, and a quiver.

He is briefly mentioned in The Hibernian.

He was one of the first in-corrupt Rangers along with Crowley. He was the 1st ranger banned, as Halt was banned afterwards in book 3.

He later came back after being banished from Araulen by Morgarath, upon hearing from Berrigan that Halt and Crowley were gathering Rangers to stop Morgarath from ruling Araluen. He helps the two and infiltrates castle Gorlan for them. He sneaks a note to King Oswald telling him that Duncan is safe and for him to hold on, and helps them rescue King Oswald from Morgarath. He meets his end by an ambush of 3 or 4 men with swords near the end of The Tournament at Gorlan.

Pritchard dies as Morgarath escapes from his castle at the end of The Tounament At Gorlan.