Pordellath is a small village in the country of Celtica

Geography and DiscriptionEdit

Pordellath is located five kilometers away from the Celtic-Araluen border. It is surrounded by hills and the path to it is not straight. There is one road leading through the village lined with houses and shops. The street then widens into a small, cobbled square where the Riadhah, or village headman,dwelling is located.


The Burning BridgeEdit

Gilan, Horace and Will on a mission in Celtica to inlist the aide of the Celts, find the guardhouse empty so they travel to Pordellath to find out what has occurred. However, Pordellath is deserted as well and they find signs that the residence left in a hurry. What really did occur is that Morgarath sent his Wargals to invade Celtica and capture miners to construct a bridge across the Fissure.