Philip is the seneschal at Castle Highcliff and appears in The Lost Stories in The Inkwell and the Dagger.


In his earlier days he was a junior steward at Castle Gorlan which was under the charge of Morgarath who was a Baron back then, he soon left after that, aware that serving under Morgarath wasn't a good thing.

He left, though it cost him a year's seniority and three months' pay.

Philip later runs up gambling debts at the local tavern (the Swan Tavern) and later repays the debts secretly after quitting gambling. Baron Douglas tries to frame is seneschal, saying that he was secretly handing information to Foldar. Gilan knows it isn't Philip and that it is in fact the Baron who has been handing on the information all this time. Douglas tries to stab Gilan with a dagger once he realises he's been found out but Philip is quicker and hurls the contents of a heavy inkwell into the Baron's face giving Gilan enough time to draw his sword and capture him.


His in an elderly man with graying hair and is slightly overweight.