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Philemon is now
Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England, 11 October 2005

Chateau montsombre where Philemon rules

the current lord of the castle of Château Montsombre.


The Icebound LandEdit

Philemon was formerly head of the troops in the castle under Lord Deparnieux, but when Halt defeated Deparnieux in a duel, Halt appointed lowly Philemon as the warlord under the condition that he would release the people that Deparnieux had put in cages, and give servants freedom and the choice of staying or going .

Philemon was probably going to continue the ways of his old master, so Halt threw a torch in a pile of oily rags. The fire burnt down the keep tower, Deparnieux's former home, the epicenter of his evil. The people of his court could stop the fire from spreading and burning the entire castle to the ground, but the fire also burnt the supports and weakened the stone, so some of the walls collapsed.