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Warning! This page contains spoilers for the Lost Stories.

Petulengo is one of the Roamers and appears in the Lost Stories.


The Lost Stories Edit

Petulengo helps Jerome, another roamer, with the dogs which are used in illegal dogfights. He gives Hilde, a female slave from Gallica a hard time by making her work harder.  When Alyss disguises herself as Hilde she has to restrain her fury at the teenager as Pentulengo  trips her up making her spill a basket of firewood and hurt herself.

At the end of the story Alyss stomps on his foot and punches him in the nose. saying afterword "Next time you throw firewood at at an old lady, make sure she cant do that".


Petulengo is a young boy with an olive-coloured skin and black hair tied back from his face by a yellow headband.