You there! At post fourteen. What d'you think you're doing?

–Paul to Horace in , the Ruins of Gorlan

Paul is a senior cadet of the battleschool in Redmont Fief.


He briefly appears in the Ruins of Gorlan and is helping with a sword lesson which Horace is attending along with his classmates.  He also appears in The Burning Bridge when Horace sees his body on the battlefield.

The Ruins of Gorlan Edit

Sir Morton sees that Horace is adding an extra move to the sword sequence and tells Senior Cadet Paul to have a word with the young apprentice knight as Morton thinks Horace isn't doing the sequence correctly.  It turns out that he is when Paul interrogates Horace and finds the younger cadet able to flawlessly repeat the sword sequence.  

After that scene Paul doesn't appear again in the book.

The Burning Bridge Edit

Paul had lent Horace a cloak and a pair of boots, and Horace had yet to thank him for them. He felt a twinge of sadness that he wasn't able to thank the older boy.

Paul lent Horace a pair of boots and a cloak